Frequently Asked Questions

Buyers have lots of frequently asked questions (FAQs).  Some of the most common are answered here to help you make informed decisions about purchasing, membership, privileges, home building, and more. 

What are the minimum square footage building requirements?

Minimums range by subdivision from 1600 White Bluff FAQsqft to 2200 sqft. Average square footage of new construction the past couple years is ~3500 sqft.  Click the “Covenants & Restrictions” link on each lot page for specific requirements to that subdivision.

Are there time limits for when I must build on my lot?

No, there are none. You may own your lot only for the membership privileges and access to resort amenities. Build whenever you want, or never at all.

Can I have a prefab, modular-built, manufactured or mobile home on the lot?White Bluff FAQ

No, no, no and no. And not only are outside toilets prohibited, but you can’t abandon your broke-down pickup truck in the yard either, Billy Bob. Only custom stick-built homes that meet the “Covenants & Deed Restrictions” for each specific subdivision will be considered for approval by the ACC. Visit the White Bluff Homes page to see some of the ~700 homes in White Bluff.

Can you explain the POA dues?

Per the Bylaws for the Property Owners Association (POA), dues are collected from all Property Owners to provide for the acquisition, construction, management, maintenance and care of any property owned by the Association, and to fund the maintenance of roads and common property, swimming pools and bathhouses, pavilions and parks, tennis courts, RV parks, and boat and RV storage facilities, as well as other tasks.White Bluff FAQ

POA dues are billed and paid semi-annually in January and again in July. POA dues are subject to change and have increased only slightly over the past several years. The amount levied per property varies based on multiple factors.  As of 1/1/2017:

  • All White Bluff property owners pay $525 semi-annual maintenance fees.
  • Homeowners in White Bluff pay an additional $150 semi-annual.
  • Property owners of The Highlands subdivision pay an additional $115 semi-annually for their gated entrance, private pool & cabanas, pavilion picnic area, and additional subdivision maintenance.
  • Multi-lot owners enjoy multi-lot discounts on POA dues.
  • A $0 Resort Initiation Fee makes ownership even easier.

How does the golf membership work?

All Property Owners, as members of the POA, are granted membership in the White White Bluff Old Golf CourseBluff Golf Club. Membership provides for discounted golf rounds on the White Bluff golf courses. And same-day, same-course REPLAYS are FREE for just the cost of the cart rental.

How long after purchase until I receive my membership card and window stickers? White Bluff New Golf Course & Trophy Grille

Usually about 5-8 weeks to complete your new deed filing process and receive your Welcome Package from the POA with membership card(s) and windshield decals.

Why buy here?

Best value, safe and easy. We are sure you will agree for all of the following reasons.

  • Savings!  You will save more. We offer the best deals on premium White Bluff resale lots. Shop, compare and save $4K-$12K+ average.
  • $0 Closing Cost.  We pay on your behalf about $1200+ for Title Insurance Policy, Title Company escrow and closing fees, tax service fees, deed processing fees, POA Resale Certificate, and POA Transfer fee on every transaction. As these fees are often negotiated between Buyer and Seller, NO negotiating is necessary. You win, we pay them all for you!
  • Instant investment equity on premium lots priced below tax assessed values.
  • Only premium buildable homesites. Lots must meet our high standards for building homesite. If we wouldn’t build on it, we won’t offer it for resale.
  • Buy With Confidence.  We offer lots For Sale we own free-and-clear with a Title Insurance Policy and Warranty Deed. That means you too will have clean and clear title with a Warranty Deed backed by a Title Insurance Policy. It also means NO guessing what you should offer to pay, who will pay which fees, NO negotiating back-and-forth through a Realtor, and NO Realtor commissions to pay.
  • Deed & Title.  Because a title company is handling every aspect of the transaction, you can be assured of a thorough, complete and legal transaction. If due diligence performed by the Title company prevents them from issuing a Title Insurance Policy, they will not allow the transaction to proceed. They represent both Buyer and Seller, and also protect both from the possibility of any fraud by either party.
  • Safe.  For most of the reasons stated above, we wouldn’t buy property without the services of a title company, and we wouldn’t expect anyone else to either.
  • Informed.  We provide full disclosure with no high-pressure sales tactics, so you can make an informed decision about becoming a Property Owner and member of the White Bluff Resort Country Club. You will be informed, confident and happy with your purchase decision.
  • Easy.  Through our relationship with the title company, together we make the entire process VERY EASY for you. In fact, we hear that comment from almost every Buyer.

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